In Our Darkness

October 9, 2016


As I sit in an office of concrete walls and concrete floors

The hum of conveyor belts outside the doors

I sit here, on a Sunday

It’s my birthday

But I’m at work, not getting paid for the overtime,

this time, and many more

It’s in this darkness that I feel, that I overcome

That I have some peace


The other morning I was walking into work

At 4:00 AM and the streetlamps were off

The pathways were not lit

It was dark

And it was God

Because all I felt when I could see or hear or feel nothing

Was God


The thickness of God permeated the air

I was walking through Him, nothing else there

Not a star, not the moon

It was in that darkness that I felt God move

Like a cloud of fog I walked through Him

And felt God move


I was silent in His silence

And I wished I could know what He was doing in the dark

Always awake, as we sleep, as we work

He is always there, moving, working, being

His power is thick in our darkness.