I Need to Write

I discovered a poem

From an American great

About writing and how it needs to “roar” out of you

And that it only makes sense if it’s a light inside you,

Burning you up inside if you don’t do it


And yes, this is me

Constrained and confined


And then I write,

And it’s better than wine

There are few things more satisfying


It burns more bright and colorful than a sunrise

It steams more hot than the first sip of coffee

It burns and it rages and its flames are growling

Like dragons in a dungeon

I feel my heart racing



Some let it out through song or dance

some through sports or music

Some people don’t have it

And others let it die

But dying might be less painful

Than living a lie


I am living a lie

When I have this inside me

That needs to get out

That flows without boundaries

And kills me inside

When it’s inside


And it all became so clear

I need to write


Inspired by “So You Want to be a Writer” by Charles Bukowski


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